About SVP Flowers

Hi! We are Sarah von Pollaro and Iavor Ivanov.

We believe that everyone deserves to be happy. In fact, we believe that seeking happiness is the purpose of life. It’s what we want for ourselves, and what we want for everyone. Our way of lifting up the global level of happiness is with flowers.

We want everyone to have flowers. At all times. Looking at flowers, handling flowers, giving or receiving flowers… it makes people happy. There’s plenty of scientific research about it, since we can now measure such things, but there’s also a 5,000-year history of cultivating flowers, so we have a deep intuitive connection, just as we do to all beautiful things. ❤️

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Sarah has been passionate about flowers since she began arranging them with her grandmother as a young girl. Years later, between semesters at Yale University, she apprenticed with two top designers in Manhattan, descending in the craft from the renowned French florist Christian Tortu. Although a promising young designer, she chose to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector in affordable housing and youth development in Washington, DC. Always finding joy in arranging and realizing she could combine her passion for flowers and helping others, she launched Urban Petals Floral Design at the age of twenty-five.

Sarah’s designs have adorned the Kennedy Center, The State Department, and the Macy’s Flower Show. She has taught thousands of people the basics of floral design in a fun and simple way and has been likened to Julia Child as she demystifies the classical art of floral arranging. Sarah hosted a special on flower arranging for PBS entitled Flower Empowered and is honored to teach at the Smithsonian.

SVP Flowers is Sarah’s humble hope that more people will experience the joy of interacting with flowers. Arranging and sharing flowers is a way of living more beautifully, from the inside out.

Sarah hard at work / being coy.

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