SVP Flowers bundles cost $55 . Here’s what you receive:

  • Freshness: with proper floral care, your arrangements will look great for as long as two weeks.
  • Variety: ordinarily, a bundle contains 3-4 types of flowers and 2-3 types of floral greens.
  • Volume: you can arrange each bundle in 2-4 vases. That may sound like a lot but we want you to have flowers everywhere in your home, or plenty to share with others.
  • Quality: the flowers you receive in each bundle are guaranteed to be unique and beautiful. We source only from the most passionate growers—first, we always look at what local farmers offer for the week, then we search across the United States, and, only if we can’t find the best to bring to you, we source from farms in South America, Europe and Asia.
  • Uniqueness: rarely would you receive something that you can see in the grocery store, so your arrangements will enchant and delight.
  • Learning a skill from one of the best: each bundle comes with a short video from Sarah von Pollaro with suggestions on how you could arrange it—and Sarah would know as she’s one of America’s leading florists! Yet, she will be the first to tell you that ‘there’s no wrong way to do this, just have fun!’

There’s also a delivery charge of $4.99 per bundle. We could tell you that delivery is free and bump up the price of the product, however, that would not be fair to you, to our farmers, or to the good folks who will work to deliver your flowers. We’ve partnered with an awesome company appropriately called Deliv to help us bring your flowers to you.

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